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> Gnome 2.8 Released.
Posted by G.T - 09-15-04 20:14 - 2 comments
Gnome 2.8 has been released.
Let's hope this one is a little more stable than 2.6.

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> Zenith
Posted by dewy - 09-10-04 07:56 - 7 comments
A little late, but better now then never. Liron (our SuperArtist) has waved her wand, or tablet pen, and created a great icon set called 'Zenith'. This current release is just a 'preview' of what will become yet another great icon set to compete with the works of great artists like Everaldo and Jimmac. Zenith started out as a KDE icon theme but Liron decided to make it a png package of 128 x 128 pngs so they can be used with all PNG supporting DE/File Managers.

View: Zenith preview
View: Liron's Deviantart page
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> Gnome 2.8 Rc1
Posted by fissy - 09-2-04 16:03 - 5 comments
The first release candidate of Gnome 2.8 is out.

platform: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/platform/2.7/2.7.92/NEWS
tar.gz: 45M total
tar.bz2: 31M total

desktop: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/desktop/2.7/2.7.92/NEWS
tar.gz: 146M total
tar.bz2: 103M total

bindings: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/bindings/2.7/2.7.92/NEWS
tar.gz: 13M total
tar.bz2: 8.1M total
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> Roberto Releases Longhorn Inspirat
Posted by contrasutra - 08-20-04 16:02 - 0 comments
Roberto has released his Metacity/GTK port of the Longhorn Inspirat theme.
See this thread for the details.

user posted image
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> Oasis V1.0.2
Posted by dewy - 07-13-04 01:06 - 0 comments
Systemx has just released his latest theme, which uses the XFce, Smooth, & Pixmap theming engines. This theme is losely based on the Windows msstyle, 'gfxOasis' by Kol which was based on the forum skin at gfxOasis.

user posted image
Download: here
Download: GfxOasis Winamp skin (Also works in XMMS)
Notice: Oasis runs on the Smooth, XFce, & Pixmap Engine. If you have any trouble using Oasis, then more then likely you are either missing the engine or need to upgrade it.
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> Gtk Themes Galore
Posted by dewy - 07-13-04 00:57 - 0 comments
A new rising star of GTK themeing, Jip has just released 3 new GTK themes: Quark, Reminiscence, and Neutrino. These themes are definitely worth checking out. You can check them out via the following links:

Screenshot: Neutrino
Download: Neutrino
Screenshot: Reminiscence
Download: Reminiscence
Screenshot: Quark
Download: Quark
View: Jip's Other themes
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> Xfce 4.0.6 Released
Posted by dewy - 07-12-04 05:41 - 0 comments
Xfce is a lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-configure desktop environment for X11 based on GTK+ 2 for various *NIX systems. Designed for productivity, it loads and executes applications fast, while conserving system resources. Various bugfixes including cropped icons with recent GTK+ 2.4 releases were fixed in this new version.
The Xfce Team is pleased to announce the release 4.0.6 of the Xfce 4 Desktop Environment and Development Platform.

As usual, this is a maintenance release, aimed at bug-fixing; no new features are being added to the 4.0 branch. The main purpose of this release is compatibility with recent GTK+ releases along with other fixes.

Download: here
View: Chnagelog
News source: Xfce
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> Gooeylinux Update
Posted by contrasutra - 07-8-04 02:38 - 12 comments
OK, so I've said that "cool things" will be coming to gooeylinux. It's been a long time since I posted any news, and I feel like you guys think we've given up. We're redesigning gooeylinux from the ground up. This is taking a very long time, but we'd love for everyone to help.

Here are some of the new things coming (much more revealed later):

* Brand new Name/Slogan (partly to deal with the GUIlinux.com conflict)
* Brand new artwork/mascot
* Custom software/CMS for the site along with a new look
* Change in direction, with more catering towards general geek/computing (GUI will still be the focus)
* completely change how users particpate
* Make it easier/more fun to be active in the site (we have lots of members, but few post)

What we need help on is in the artwork and site design. If anyone would like to help us with coming up with a logo, graphics for the site, or even help us with site design (general ideas, I'm not very original), we would be eternally grateful. We can't pay you, but you'll get to beta test the new site, get any perks we can offer down the road, and many thanks will be given as well.

You can email me at [email protected] or PM me. Also, if anyone wants to hop onto #gooeylinux on irc.freenode.net, I may be coaxed into giving more details on the site. face3.png

How long until the redesign is complete? It's hard to tell, but we're shooting for "as soon as possible". Even more things will be coming after the redesign, we just wanted to wait so the site didn't have to reopen 3 years from now.

Sorry, I forgot to say this: We want you to be a part of the direction this site goes in. If you have ANY suggestions for the site, please post about it. Everything isn't set in stone yet (and never will be), so please don't be afraid to shoot off your ideas. Even after the new site premiers, there will be some things you dislike, and we will do what we can to take the site to a direction its members want it to go in. We're starting our theme as more general/generic, and we can move to a specific niche based on the member base and how you guys participate.
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> Watercolor For Metacity
Posted by dewy - 07-7-04 23:11 - 2 comments
Roberto has just released yet another Metacity theme, this one is 'Watercolor', which he says was inspired by the Windows Whistler betas.
user posted image
Download: here
View: Announcement post in the forums
View: l i n u x - p o r t s - roberTO's web site
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> Roberto Releases New Theme
Posted by contrasutra - 07-5-04 15:46 - 0 comments

user posted image

RoberTO released an OpusOS port for Metacity. Check out this thread for the details:
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